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Meeting@Takebashi, Conference@Mita, Gadgets@Akihabara,Fun@Shibuya! 27 June 2008

The morning was filled with anxiety, because I had to remember how to get back to Shibuya station, and then figure out how to go to Takebashi by subway. Seems easy for Tokyoites, but for myself, this is something new.

Tokyo Train Map

Tokyo Train Map

So you gotta know what station you should go to, which line is that, and where to transfer if there is no direct line going to that station from your starting point. 
Then you have to figure out how much you have to pay for each line. Because you buy ticket according to your destination and each lines you have to pay separately (or you would have to do fare adjustments, which means you have to add into some amount if you didn’t buy the right ticket).

I had to go from Shibuya Station by the Hanzomon line and stop at Kudanshita station, then take the JR Chuo line to Takebashi station. The office for our meeting (the last minute meeting that my boss suggested – on my leave day) is just next to the station.

I have to say that I’m proud of myself not to get too panic and finally I arrived at Takebashi (about 45 mins too early, because I had to have spare time just in case the worst happened, like I got lost or something!) 

There I was and I have no idea which building I had to go (There were maps like in every block, but the building of the office that I was supposed to go wasn’t listed, so I am hopeless). So I just walked to the nearest building, asked to the security in front, which eventually called his friend who (Thank God!) speak English. And he said this is Meteorogical building, not the office that I was looking for. Then he directed me to the public phone (because I’m almost desperate), and then I called the office where I’m supposed to meet, and the person barely spoke English. But she was nice enough to told me that the building is on the different exit of the station.

So another tip from me, please read the signs and make sure which exit that your destination is located, because different exit from the same station would lead me to some other neighborhood.

Finally I went back to the station, took the other exit, and voila, read the signs (I was so nervous I mislooked the clearly written sign on the subway walkpath.

I arrived, hot and sweaty, without any suits (because I wore the only formal wear I brought I’ve already used yesterday for the event), wearing crocs, and of course, with my bagpack. The building is this formal one like a bank (because I’m meeting the bank for development cooperation), and the two girl receptionists at front (of course all nicely-dress with their perfect make-up) greeted me.

I was told to wait, and then I waited in the big lobby until some woman picked me up, introducing herself as the asisstant of the person that I was supposed to meet. Since I was very early (which I explained to the receptionist – doubt that they would understand me, but anyhow), she said his boss was still in the other buliding. So we went one block to another office of his, which located inside a mixture of mall and office. And I had my meeting and all. (of course all meeting details will not be included to maintain the entertainment value of this blog :)) )

The person was nice enough to print me a map of the neighborhood ( I guess he had heard about my little adventure around the Takebashi station), so he directed me to go from Takebashi and t hen take Mita LIne to Mita station, which I would attend the second day of the Summit meeting.

View of the imperial palace Tokyo

View of the imperial palace Tokyo

View of the Imperial Palace

View of the Imperial Palace

It was good that I had a meeting there at Takebashi, the place was just accross the Imperial Palace, but unfortunately when I asked if I could go to Imperial Palace, it’s only open on the weekends, so I just bought my lunch (starving after getting lost and all), and a new contact lenses solution (and a little juggling of words in the optical).

There was conveniently a post office in the mall, so I bought several postcards with the stamp already included. The lady staff was so nice, so I was able to pick good postcards for Zidane and hubby, my parents, Ruby (who was supposed to go with me to Japan), my cousins and nephew.

The nice office partner told me to walk to Jimbocho station, which located several blocks. It wasn’t bad, and I just had lunch 🙂 and managing to go by myself to Takebashi so far gave me some confident (though got lost haha).

On the way to Jimbocho station, I passed a street where they sell used-books (read it on LP), and I stop by there just to write the postcards and dropped it on the nearby mailbox.

I took Mita line from Jimbocho-eki and arrived safely in Mita station. Then my next challenge was to get to the campus where the meeting was. Again, when I surfaced on the neighborhood, I was puzzled as there was no signs to go to this campus.

Though a little hesitate, I asked a nearby salaryman there, who probably went out for a smoke, where is this daigaku (university). He answer, “Wakaranai” so I thanked him and text-messaged my friend, who came and picked me up 🙂


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