Posted by: phoebz | August 23, 2008

Tsugi wa : Shibuya!

As some of you might’ve known (belaga terkenal aja), I am an avid manga reader. More than I do novels. More than I watch movies / TV. One of the mangas that I repeatedly read, Gals, by Mihona Fujii, tells story about girls gang who hangs out constantly in Shibuya. Then, everytime I read the adventures of Kotobuki Ran and her friends in the manga, I always wondered, what is this place really like ? Is it as hip as it was depicted? Does everyone really wear trendy clothes like I seein Fruits magazine ?

Of course Shibuya is one of the destinations when I know I’m going to spend my time in Tokyo. Along with some other places such as Harajuku, Shinjuku, Asakusa temple, Odaiba, Tokyo tower etc, which only few I could manage to visit.

The unbelievable things are that in Shibuya intersections, there are crosswalking where people can go to all directions, and not bump into each other. I failed to document that, though.

Shibuya also is heaven for shoppers. I saw bargain shop such as 100 yen stores with variety of goods from toothbrush to bag. One afternoon, after roaming around the station and activate my JR pass, I asked the friendly JR staff how to get to 109 (Ichi Maru Kyu). She put on an understanding and sort of funny smile but politely directed me to the building.

I had a very high expectation, therefore I’m quite suprised to find out that 109 is a small building with escalators connecting levels of fashion outlets, much like “Strawberry” or “Naughty” in Bandung. On ground level, there was a humungus collection of Hello Kitty merchandise (not my kind of thing), even they have a ko-gal Hello Kitty doll (weirdly cute).

I climbed the escalator and stopped by some outlets to check out the trendy gladiator shoes (by the time I was in Japan, the trend hasn’t reach INdonesia, but it’s now everywhere). Meant to buy a pair, but all the small size have all sold out.



  1. iro iro keiken shitandesune
    tanoshi so
    syahsin haiken shimashita
    urayamshi to omoimasu
    mata atarashi shyashinto ka areba upload shite kudasai tanoshime ni shite imasu .

    indo no yashica desu.

  2. ^O^

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